Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Morning Revolution

there's a revolution
i can hear it in your hips when you walk
slowly spinning swinging gates
and you taunt with the jiggle in your step
the hop in your stride
and the cigarette in your mouth

you're an ocean
and your body rolls like the waves
when you dance so close
while all the while
low tide carries you away
and high tide brings you back again

you fly my feelings like a kite
then let go like a child releases a balloon
into no man's land for some martian to catch
or maybe it will get stuck in the o-zone
the same way you're stuck
in my thoughts

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Too Much, Too Young

you don't need high heels to feel tall
you glide down the stairs in your socks
then touch the door know to feel the spark
a flash frolicking over fingertips
even if for a second

you bat your eyelashes and create hurricanes
you spin around and the world spins with you
then you stop and the clock falls off the shelf
you've stopped time
even if for a second.

you're a ballerina on a string
i'd wind you up like chatter teeth
to watch you mosey to and fro
and make the dance floor cry
when you decide to call it a night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ritter Sport

would you like chocolate
for your year sir
end it sweetly without raisins
and bite down on something good

i had some cotton candy
at the fair this year
tastes so sweet
but gone before you know it
like a one night stand

if you agree to be my chocolate
i can be your cherry
we'll drink it down just right
and become everything
we ever wanted

hey, another year
any may it be full of hazlenuts
to remind you of the bumps in the road
which turn out just as delicious
as something smooth and creamy
like belgian chocolate truffles.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nix On the Eevee Tay

your eyes
are a honey explosion
like hayfields in January
golden, framed by white
of falling snow

your lips
are two rose petals
that have wilted and fallen
to lay together forever
on your pearly face

you're a winter wonderland
a honeymoon in england
in the snowy season
but when you smile
it's spring again

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nothing Gold Can Stay

i met a fancy feline of a girl
her future so bright
she needs three pairs of sunglasses
just to see her reflection.

she grabbed my hands
and we slapped on our dancing shoes
and took off into the twilight
until that road quaked

never thought i'd meet
such a jelly bean of a girl
jumping and hopping
living life like a wild cat

i think if i took you to a grocery store
you'd pick out milk and honey
if i took you to a movie show
i think you'd pick a romance
and if i took you on a carnival ride
you'd choose the ferris wheel
because you're on top of the world.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coffee is for Closers

good morning to you
kick the cat in the doorway
in the kitchen you flip pancakes
so high they stick to the ceiling
i guess i'm one of those pancakes
tried to fly but just got stuck
on God's newly installed plexiglass panel
so you'll never get to heaven.

good afternoon to you
shrug off your boots and
put your elbow in the spaghetti
eat up while it's cold
and don't forget to brush the dust
off your teeth.

good evening to you
hope your day was
the same
whatever keeps you safe and sane and warm
like socks on your hands
because you lost a mitten
and felt foolish wearing only one.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rude Baby Rude

why so high in the sky
with a flock of birds
shattered at the hip
you sail on a broken wing
to no man's land

cause all you wanna do is
pull my hair
or break my heart
or break my bones
or make me sad
or make me mad
don't come to me
for charity
your cause is what is lacking

so fly on baby and be a star
you have the keys in the ignition
and you're begging to go far
but don't call me up and ask again
for me to watch your back
any one who knows you
knows you're a shark attack

send me out to the weather now
out to the cold and i'll limp on
with my ankles docked
and my tail broke
and my nose froze
and all not caring and bunched up
and covered with cloth

begging like a bag lady at the side of the road
for a sandwich
because that's all a hero really is
and was there ever really a cure
for writer's block?
write on!